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Walter Lippmann on China

“The small American businessman has long complained about how difficult it is for him to survive in the competition with the large American corporation,” [Walter] Lippmann warned. “What will he do when he has to face the competition of totalitarian … Continue reading

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Branding and BRICs

“Brazil leads in BRICS’s brands” Jerry Clode Added Value – Source March 17, 2013 In a thought-provoking article in AddedValue’s Source blog, Jerry Clode notes that Brazil’s brands are going global while China and India’s brands seem mired at home. … Continue reading

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China and Soft Protectionism

In the Hutong What, cold again? 2142 hrs. Though we may not be talking about it much, those of us who watch China for a living are looking forward with a mixture of dread and anticipation to the upcoming “two … Continue reading

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For China, Inc., Naked Is Not Enough

Hutong West Caffinated 1015 hrs. There is a growing cohort of public relations firms that are opening practices focused on helping Chinese companies build better reputations among global audiences. This is a good thing: heaven knows, no group of companies … Continue reading

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CNOOC and The ARC of Chinese Global Acquisitions

Hutong West Enjoying the Air 1825 hrs. Canada has given the “all clear” for the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) to purchase upstream oil and gas developer Nexen, a company with reserves in Canada and the Gulf of Mexico … Continue reading

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