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The grandest of sporting exhibitions, from Athens to Beijing to London, from a China viewpoint

Olympics: What Was It Like on the Green?

In the Hutong Watching the press-laden planes climb into the sky 2102 hrs. Okay, last Olympic post. Media Asia did a fun behind-the-scenes review of how the various sponsor pavilions on the Olympic Green came across. A hint to sponsors … Continue reading

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Olympics: There’s Life in the Old Tube Yet

In the Hutong Home-made quesadillas and salsa 2057 hrs. If you’re a regular reader here in the Hutong, you will know that despite something of a history in the TV business, I have swallowed the New Media Kool-Aid in the … Continue reading

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Olympics: Selling Phelps in China

In the Hutong Going a bit bonkers buying stuff on iTunes 2017 hrs. Maybe it was because I’m in China and did not get the chance to see the NBC coverage, but I have to admit to being surprised to … Continue reading

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iTunes Unblocked and The Corporation as a Social Change Agent

Starbucks Pinnacle Plaza, Shunyi Another fabulous post-thunderstorm fall day 1113 hrs The Olympics have ended. The athletes are heading home. Songs for Tibet is off of the iTunes main page, but it is apparently still available for sale. The iTunes … Continue reading

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Olympics: Li Ning’s Spanish Inquisition

In the Hutong The kid’s last day of summer 2005 hrs. Racism is always a sensitive topic, especially when it rears its head at the Olympics, and the people who appear to be delivering derisive commentary about another race live … Continue reading

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Olympics: Let the Ambush Games Begin

In the Hutong Trying to grow some thicker skin 1900 hrs. My article on ambush marketing at the Olympics in AdAge. When I first started covering marketing around the Beijing Olympics, I began with the belief that ambush marketing was … Continue reading

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Ex Post Mortem Olympicus

Pacific Century Starbucks, Beijing Nursing my share of the collective Olympian hangover 1331 hrs. Had a good talk with Chistine Liu on The China Business Show last week, talking about Olympic sponsorships, the prospects of Phelpsomania in China, and the … Continue reading

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