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The business of music, in particular how it relates to China

Yes, But Is It Music?

If your target market is hormonally-active males, and not just teenagers, this is your outlet. Continue reading

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The Atlantic: Management Secrets of the Grateful Dead

Very interesting treatment of the plans to put the papers of the Grateful Dead at the library of the University of California, Santa Cruz. I want to believe that the model that the Dead used can form the underpinnings of … Continue reading

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Another Reason the Long Tail Doesn’t Exist in Chinese Music

Beneath Kerry Center Beijing I love the smell of fresh paint in the evening 1625 hrs. Beijing music promoter Ed Peto posted a superb article on OUTdustry a few days ago that dissected the way the Chinese music business develops … Continue reading

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IPR Protection: Beyond Law and Enforcement

In the Hutong Sore from power-walking 1635 hrs. In conducting my technology and intellectual property rights (IPR) panel with the Notre Dame Medoza b-school students last week, I realized in the midst of Eric Priest’s comments that the problem of … Continue reading

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Hollywood Icon Comes East

In the Hutong Rolling with the changes 1842 hrs. The Hollywood Reporter, long essential morning reading for the entertainment industry in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere, has had permanent roots in China for a couple of years now, with … Continue reading

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eKarma: Have a Little Virus, Pirates

Third Ring Road East Breathing deep the inversion layer 1022 hrs. Steven Schwankert of Village Grouch fame wrote an excellent piece for IDG (picked up here in The Washington Post) describing how Chinese fans seeking to download illegal copies of … Continue reading

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Music Does Matter, Especially When It Is Mobile

In the Hutong Dreaming of clear sinuses and carbohydrates 1958 hrs. Lots of big music industry folks down at Music Matters in Hong Kong last week. For those of you not familiar with the confab, it is basically an opportunity … Continue reading

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