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Rethinking Mobile Advertising in China

“Mobile Advertising Lags China’s Smartphone Explosion“ Angela Doland Advertising Age January 24, 2014 Reporting from Shanghai, AdAge’s Angela Doland writes a thought-provoking piece on how mobile e-commerce continues to outpace the growth of mobile advertising in the world’s largest smartphone … Continue reading

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Will Chinese Pay for Content?

Hutong Forward An undisclosed location in the American Midwest 1649 hrs. local A contentious debate about China in the media industry is whether or not Chinese will pay for content. Most intelligent observers would answer no: Early experiments selling music … Continue reading

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Whom Can You Trust with your Social Media in China?

Hutong Forward Counting the helicopters outside my window 1629 hrs. local Note: Over the summer I taped a segment for Thoughtful China where I talked briefly about what agencies to use for social media. The response has been huge, so … Continue reading

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Branding from the Ground Up

In the Hutong Surrounded by snow 1721 hrs. I am usually suspicious about “thought leadership” pieces on marketing that come out of the major management consultancies. These firms have proven strengths in organizational design, operations, production, logistics, and strategy, but … Continue reading

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The Coming Rise of Foxconn

The High-Speed Train “Harmony” Enroute to Shanghai 1130 hrs. The attention given to Foxconn over the past several years has largely concentrated on its role as Apple’s leading supplier in Asia. What we have missed in all of that juicy … Continue reading

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China and the Glocal Mix

Enroute LAX – HND Looking forward to a day in Tokyo 1500 hrs. There are two basic schools of thought on marketing best practices in China. One school, the Exceptionalists, holds that China is such a unique place that there … Continue reading

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Does the Internet Make Polling Redundant in China?

Hutong West Planning a trip to In-n-Out 1410 hrs. I have a friend who is in China trying to expand the business of a major global organization that conducts opinion polls. Not surprisingly, he is finding the effort a bit … Continue reading

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