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How we see American politics and society from our vantage in Beijing

The New Public Affairs

Enroute HND – PEK Dodging thunderstorms 0811 hrs. A lot of the talk in the public relations industry relates to how much the media business is changing, and what that means to a craft that has traditionally placed a heavy … Continue reading

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China and the BRICs

BRICS: In Search of Unity? | Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. Hutong West Dealing with plumbers 1228 hrs. While the Fourth BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) summit was nearly three months ago, the meta-message that is … Continue reading

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The List of the Delisters

Hutong West Sunshine and Keyboards 1743 hrs. Last week Ogilvy’s Justin Knapp asked me if I was aware of a list of China-based overseas-listed companies that are considering de-listing overseas. It was a good question, and I have no doubt … Continue reading

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Cross Post: In Defense of the CFIUS

In the Hutong I should be doing this in Linux 1551 hrs. In recognition of a simmering foreign investment stand-off between China and the US, I’ve started a review of the policy literature on both sides of the Pacific. Over … Continue reading

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Joseph Nye on the Future of American Power

In the Hutong Winter Reading Blitz 1842 hrs. The essay by Joseph S. Nye in the December issue of Foreign Affairs was by itself worth the cost of my subscription. Decrying those who have already dragged their morose carcasses onto the … Continue reading

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America, Lead China by Example

In the Hutong Partaking of Yale Lit Classes on iTunes U 1651 hrs. In an excellent editorial in The New York Times, “Scolding China Won’t Help,” Beijing-based attorney James Zimmerman offers his prescription for anyone in the West interested in … Continue reading

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China’s Ad Campaign: To Whom Are We Selling?

In the Hutong Trying to be impressionable 1306 hrs. I am a qualified China fan but a detractor of advertising in general, so it was with some trepidation that I read in Gady Epstein’s blog at that China was … Continue reading

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