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Stuff that I think offers particular insight or that is especially contrarian

China and “Datathermal Energy”

Hutong West Letting the Sunshine In 0909 hrs. Much of my March was spent working with clients who are thinking through some of the issues facing the growing data center market in China. For the uninitiated, a “data center” is … Continue reading

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The List of the Delisters

Hutong West Sunshine and Keyboards 1743 hrs. Last week Ogilvy’s Justin Knapp asked me if I was aware of a list of China-based overseas-listed companies that are considering de-listing overseas. It was a good question, and I have no doubt … Continue reading

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Intellectual Property and Innovation Streams

In the Hutong Busy week ahead 1948 hrs. Ryan Block, Editor Emeritus of Engadget, offers a fun little post about innovation at Qualcomm spark.  His lede is provocative: he notes that even though Edison patented the light bulb, he didn’t … Continue reading

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Bringing Chinese Equity Home, Continued

Chinese RTOs Covertly Going Private – Seeking Alpha. In the Hutong Heading to Shanghai 2044 hrs. As I have noted here and in Euromoney Magazine, we are witnessing the beginning of an important shift for Chinese enterprises and the way … Continue reading

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Deconstructing China’s Nationalists

To Screw Foreigners by Geremie R. Barmé In an essay from 15 years ago that remains one of the best background pieces on Chinese nationalism that I have ever read, professor Jeremy Barmé of the Australian National University delves into … Continue reading

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Seeking Truths in Marketing

Silicon Hutong Table, Peters Tex-Mex Grill Experiencing Tryptophan Withdrawal 12:22 hrs. Despite valiant efforts to convince ourselves otherwise, it is a truism that the marketing and communications crafts have lost their way after a decade-long deluge of online media. We … Continue reading

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Are You Globally Competitive

In the Hutong Playing with the new TypePad interface 1147 hrs. While in the United States in July, I had an opportunity to meet up with Brian Hollowaty, currently leading business development for executive education at the UCLA Anderson School … Continue reading

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