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Where China is creating the novel and the useful, where it wants to, and what is driving or slowing the nation’s quest to become an innovator

China and “Datathermal Energy”

Hutong West Letting the Sunshine In 0909 hrs. Much of my March was spent working with clients who are thinking through some of the issues facing the growing data center market in China. For the uninitiated, a “data center” is … Continue reading

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Setting China’s Innovation Bar

Hutong West Disrupting my reading 1953 hrs.  Now that I am spending more time in Silicon Valley and its satellite outposts of innovation in the US, the question posed to me over more meals and espressos is “do you think … Continue reading

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Congress, Huawei, and ZTE

In the Hutong Catching up post holiday 1108 hrs. If you have been following the news, you will have heard that a U.S. Congressional committee has issued a report urging U.S. firms not to do business with either Huawei or … Continue reading

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Does the Internet Make Polling Redundant in China?

Hutong West Planning a trip to In-n-Out 1410 hrs. I have a friend who is in China trying to expand the business of a major global organization that conducts opinion polls. Not surprisingly, he is finding the effort a bit … Continue reading

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The Innovator’s Dilemma with Chinese Characteristics

Hutong West Catching up 2009 hrs In what has to have been one of the most important moments of my life, while running errands today in the car my wife touched my hand, looked into my eyes, and said “the … Continue reading

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There is More to Tablets than Cheap vs. Dear

  How Apple Can Keep Control of the Tablet Market – BusinessWeek. GigaOM‘s Darrell Etherington believes that the way for Apple to sustain its dominance in the tablet market in response to challenges from the Kindle Fire is to offer … Continue reading

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Where is China’s Motorhead Messiah?

In the Hutong Trying to break 1549 hrs. As we swing into the political season ahead of the unveiling of the 12th Five Year Plan, the question on many minds is whether (and to what extent) “indigenous innovation” is … Continue reading

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