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Flags In The Ground, laying out a viewpoint on a key or controversial issue.

Setting the Stage for Chinese Innovation

Near People’s Square, Shanghai Skyline in Silhouette  0700 hrs.  Walking the floor at both CES in Las Vegas and Electronica China in Shanghai within a ten-week space provides one with a clear view of how far Chinese enterprise has come, … Continue reading

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McKinsey Endorses Our Thinking

“Next-shoring: A CEO’s guide” Katy George, Sree Ramaswamy, and Lou Rassey McKinsey Quarterly January 2014 The end of China’s time as the uncontested factory floor of the planet has become something of a meme. If that has failed to come to … Continue reading

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Branding from the Ground Up

In the Hutong Surrounded by snow 1721 hrs. I am usually suspicious about “thought leadership” pieces on marketing that come out of the major management consultancies. These firms have proven strengths in organizational design, operations, production, logistics, and strategy, but … Continue reading

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Silicon Hutong 3.0: The Merchant and the Dragon

In the Hutong Where have I been lately? 0740 hrs. If this forum has been silent for the past month, we* have had good reason. It is now evident to anyone watching that China is on the cusp of change … Continue reading

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Joining the Niall Ferguson Pile-On

Galvin Plaza, Wangjing, Beijing Watching the wires 0931 hrs. If you haven’t read James Fallows‘ thoughtful deconstruction of Harvard professor Niall Ferguson‘s partisan Newsweek cover story “Obama’s Gotta Go,” read it now, regardless of your political preferences. In the piece, … Continue reading

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The New Public Affairs

Enroute HND – PEK Dodging thunderstorms 0811 hrs. A lot of the talk in the public relations industry relates to how much the media business is changing, and what that means to a craft that has traditionally placed a heavy … Continue reading

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China and the Glocal Mix

Enroute LAX – HND Looking forward to a day in Tokyo 1500 hrs. There are two basic schools of thought on marketing best practices in China. One school, the Exceptionalists, holds that China is such a unique place that there … Continue reading

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