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A $9 fashion shoot in a Chinese coal town shows how beautiful counterfeit clothes can be

Introducing Shanzhai Couture, a phenomenon that makes it cool to reject pricey fashion. This is starting with knockoffs, but it won’t end here. Just as China’s mobile handset industry began by making knockoffs and look-alikes but is quickly evolving beyond … Continue reading

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Dr. Lionel Vairon talks to Jonathan Land

Dr. Lionel Vairon talks to Jonathan Landreth about why he believes that it is not in China’s nature to constitute a threat to the outside world

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Originally posted on China Finance:
While there are some fairly varying opinions regarding exactly what happened when walmart got conditioned approval for their acquisition of Niu Hai Holdings, one thing at least seems clear: MOFCOM is not overly fond of…

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Asia and the Need to Re-engineer Research

Hutong West Wonking 1200 hrs. local Fair warning: I’m about to get a little wonkish, so if you don’t care about market or academic research, skip on down to my last post. In an otherwise superb review of Doh Chull … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Sinostand:
Two weeks ago I had one of those occasional periods where I just didn’t want to be in China anymore. The nationalistic outcry against foreigners online stemming from the rapist, the rude cellist and the Beijing…

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Pictures like this make clear that China is the country most threatened by North Korean missiles, and thus have the most to lose if North Korea goes rogue. China is undoubtedly doing something to keep this from happening, but what?

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Event: The Massification of Chinese Education

In the Hutong Shrinking the Elephant Arm 1341 hrs If you are in the Midwest this week and have an interest in China’s education system, you may want to stop by the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University – … Continue reading

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