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China and “Datathermal Energy”

Hutong West Letting the Sunshine In 0909 hrs. Much of my March was spent working with clients who are thinking through some of the issues facing the growing data center market in China. For the uninitiated, a “data center” is … Continue reading

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How the U.S. Senate Handed the Climate Talks to China

In the Hutong Sushi for Dinner 1713 hrs. A spate of conferences, clients in from out-of-town, and paid writing assignments has kept Silicon Hutong quiet of late, but that’s set to change as of now, at least for the next … Continue reading

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Technology and China’s Offshore Farms

In the Hutong Thinking “Tortillas” 1433 hrs. Analysis of China’s resource dependence – a primary driver of the nation’s effort to extend its commercial ties overseas and to create an expeditionary People’s Liberation Army – tends to focus on mineral … Continue reading

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Plug/PSA: Shanghai AmCham’s 2010 Sustainability Conference

Beijing Airport Expressway Counting the Mercedes Sedans 1157 hrs. It is that time of year again, and the folks at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai have put together a more-impressive-than-normal slate of speakers for their 2010 Conference being … Continue reading

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Talking Green

Second Ring Road Trying to avoid looking at the traffic 1150 hrs. Thomas Malthus once told us that as a race we are doomed because the planet could not grow enough food to support our exploding numbers. He was right, … Continue reading

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Why Land Reform is a Tech Opportunity

In the Hutong There’s something about a high-fiber snack… 16:23 hrs. In the flurry of news about plans to reform land use in China, much of the coverages focuses on the new potential for Chinese farmers to either pay to … Continue reading

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Cough, Cough: Bang, Bang

Starbucks Pacific Century Plaza Noticeably fewer locals, noticeably more visitors 1355 hrs. Recreational pyrotechnics are as integral a part of Chinese holidays as gratuitous gifting, constant partying, and excessive drinking. Catastrophic factory accidents and an annual toll of those killed … Continue reading

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