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The issues driving a developing economy

Setting the Stage for Chinese Innovation

Near People’s Square, Shanghai Skyline in Silhouette  0700 hrs.  Walking the floor at both CES in Las Vegas and Electronica China in Shanghai within a ten-week space provides one with a clear view of how far Chinese enterprise has come, … Continue reading

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Clarity for China’s Growing GMO Debate

Texas Hill Country Doing Agronomy 101 0902 hrs  The debate over genetically-modified crops is reaching the boiling point among Chinese policy-makers, and the past several months have witnessed a spate of media coverage on the issue suggesting that the two … Continue reading

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China and the BRICs

BRICS: In Search of Unity? | Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. Hutong West Dealing with plumbers 1228 hrs. While the Fourth BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) summit was nearly three months ago, the meta-message that is … Continue reading

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Dissecting China’s High-Speed Rail Fail

In the Hutong Trying to translate “Casey Jr.” 1238 hrs. In the face of recent revelations around irregularities at the top China’s Rail ministry there is a growing meme afoot suggesting that we have been too quick to praise China’s … Continue reading

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Why China’s Hobbled Education System Isn’t Stopping SOEs

While education issue is vitally important to China’s future development, we need to be careful about using the state of education and pedagogy in China as a barometer for competitiveness. Continue reading

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Where is China’s Motorhead Messiah?

In the Hutong Trying to break 1549 hrs. As we swing into the political season ahead of the unveiling of the 12th Five Year Plan, the question on many minds is whether (and to what extent) “indigenous innovation” is … Continue reading

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Responsa: Dealing With the Disposable Backhoe

In the Hutong Managing the Phoenix 1330 hrs. Jack Perkowski continues our serve-and-volley on the future of China’s construction equipment makers here on his Managing The Dragon blog, and he brings out the Caterpillar fanboy in me when he notes: … Continue reading

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