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Driving innovation may be a matter of science: driving the adoption and diffusion of innovation, however, is a matter of communications.

Setting the Stage for Chinese Innovation

Near People’s Square, Shanghai Skyline in Silhouette  0700 hrs.  Walking the floor at both CES in Las Vegas and Electronica China in Shanghai within a ten-week space provides one with a clear view of how far Chinese enterprise has come, … Continue reading

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The Innovation Trail: Hisilicon

Hutong West Blue Moon and Justified 1942 hrs When challenged to come up with examples of innovative Chinese companies – or those that might start innovating soon – many of us are hard-pressed to come up with names beyond the obvious … Continue reading

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China’s Great Innovations: Way More than Four

The 50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since the Wheel James Fallows The Atlantic October 23, 2013 Doing book research (and shifting as much of it from my bookshelf to Evernote as possible), I came across this little gem that had escaped my … Continue reading

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Six Principles of Entrepreneurial IPR Protection in China

Hutong Forward Somewhere in San Francisco 0930 hrs.  The issue of intellectual property rights and their protection continues to bedevil the agenda between China and the rest of the world. Do Chinese companies cheat? Certainly many do. Does China have … Continue reading

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Intellectual Property and Innovation Streams

In the Hutong Busy week ahead 1948 hrs. Ryan Block, Editor Emeritus of Engadget, offers a fun little post about innovation at Qualcomm spark.  His lede is provocative: he notes that even though Edison patented the light bulb, he didn’t … Continue reading

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Stop Shunning Beijing’s Foreign Correspondents

In the Hutong Good grief, Thursday already? 1317 hrs. In a recent profile of Michael Lewis, arguably the leading long-form journalist of our age, New York magazine’s Jessica Pressler quotes her subject on the gulf between journalists and the people … Continue reading

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A Chinese Al-Jazeera – Five Reasons this is a Good Thing

The Ascott, Beijing WTF, February already? 1440 hrs Recent revelations that China is planning on investing over US$7 billion in an effort to create a credible global radio and television news service using Al-Jazeera English as a model have provoked … Continue reading

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