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Looking at how the rise of China is altering the rules of diplomacy, economics, business, national security, the academy, and the arts.

Setting the Stage for Chinese Innovation

Near People’s Square, Shanghai Skyline in Silhouette  0700 hrs.  Walking the floor at both CES in Las Vegas and Electronica China in Shanghai within a ten-week space provides one with a clear view of how far Chinese enterprise has come, … Continue reading

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Five Predictions: China’s Business Environment in 2014

Hutong West Sunday Afternoon Countdown to Morning in Beijing 1526 hrs.  Much ink and focus has been given of late to understanding China’s political evolution. Too little, on the other hand, has been given to what it will all mean … Continue reading

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Is Apple Going (China) Mobile?

Hutong West Two hours sleep, three cups coffee 1039 hrs.    The Wall Street Journal has lit up the net with an article proclaiming that the ink is drying on a deal between Apple and China Mobile for the carrier … Continue reading

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Six Principles of Entrepreneurial IPR Protection in China

Hutong Forward Somewhere in San Francisco 0930 hrs.  The issue of intellectual property rights and their protection continues to bedevil the agenda between China and the rest of the world. Do Chinese companies cheat? Certainly many do. Does China have … Continue reading

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Qualcomm: Cometh the Reaper?

Hutong Forward Learning not to eat fish 400 miles from the ocean 1840 hrs. local time Two days ago, QUALCOMM (QCOM) announced that its chipset business was the subject of an investigation by China’s powerful National Development and Reform Commission. … Continue reading

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Bill Bishop on Apple: We Need More Mojo

Temporary Hutong, Wangjing K-Pop O.D. 1307 hrs.  Sinocism editor Bill Bishop wrote a thoughtful piece about Apple (“Apple Needs China Mobile Deal to Regain Smartphone Mojo”)  that ran in USAToday late last week. Reading between the lines, Bill’s motive for … Continue reading

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Big Pharma, Bad Medicine, and What GSK Can Teach MNCs in China

Hutong West Watching Louis Malle films 0813 hrs I’m a little late to the bar with my take on this, but here it is, in three parts. Experienced China hands – go straight to the third section below. When I … Continue reading

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