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China and “Datathermal Energy”

Hutong West Letting the Sunshine In 0909 hrs. Much of my March was spent working with clients who are thinking through some of the issues facing the growing data center market in China. For the uninitiated, a “data center” is … Continue reading

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Setting the Stage for Chinese Innovation

Near People’s Square, Shanghai Skyline in Silhouette  0700 hrs.  Walking the floor at both CES in Las Vegas and Electronica China in Shanghai within a ten-week space provides one with a clear view of how far Chinese enterprise has come, … Continue reading

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China’s Great Innovations: Way More than Four

The 50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since the Wheel James Fallows The Atlantic October 23, 2013 Doing book research (and shifting as much of it from my bookshelf to Evernote as possible), I came across this little gem that had escaped my … Continue reading

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Clarity for China’s Growing GMO Debate

Texas Hill Country Doing Agronomy 101 0902 hrs  The debate over genetically-modified crops is reaching the boiling point among Chinese policy-makers, and the past several months have witnessed a spate of media coverage on the issue suggesting that the two … Continue reading

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McKinsey Endorses Our Thinking

“Next-shoring: A CEO’s guide” Katy George, Sree Ramaswamy, and Lou Rassey McKinsey Quarterly January 2014 The end of China’s time as the uncontested factory floor of the planet has become something of a meme. If that has failed to come to … Continue reading

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“A” Buildings and “B” Management

Or, Top 10 Signs that Your Building Management Has Been Localized Hutong West Nursing the Party Secretary 1136 hrs. A good friend and client of mine set up offices about two years ago in one of Shanghai’s better office buildings. … Continue reading

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Why Robots Won’t Save China’s Factories

Somewhere near Bengbu Riding the Rails 1112 hrs If we have not witnessed the peak of mass production in China already, we will soon. It is not just that costs are rising and production is moving elsewhere: the entire mass … Continue reading

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