I make little effort to hide my own identity, and there is a good reason for that. I was raised by two quite intelligent and often opinionated people who drilled into me the belief that if anything is worth writing, it is worth signing your name to.

As such, you will forgive me if I have little patience and less tolerance for people who see fit to make comments on this blog (or about this blog via email) using pseudonyms or under some other veil of anonymity. I write this stuff under my own name – I only ask that you return the courtesy.

(Mind you, I won’t delete ANY topical comments. I just won’t address those that come from people who decline to identify themselves, or who use false identities to hide their own.)

There are, however, friends and coworkers who I refer to using their public “handles,” like The Village Grouch, the Party Secretary, and the like. I will also often refer to fellow bloggers like Imagetheif or The Peking Duck by their own handles. I figure this is fair, because none of these folks do much to hide their identity, and I do it because that is how most people refer to them.

Apart from that though, please let me know who you are. If you REALLY want to say something yet have a REALLY good reason not to publicly identify yourself, send me an email (under your real name) to siliconhutong (at) and we’ll work something out.


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