Politics and Religion

You can’t run from politics, no matter  how hard you try, and I would argue that (in China especially), there is no sense trying to separate the political from the commercial.

I’ve got opinions on American politics just like everybody else. I get political now and again, but I try to keep it limited to the areas of international affairs and security studies, as they apply to the evolving world order in which China plays a part, and the role China is making for itself in it. I’ll keep everything not related to China off of this forum.

On the issue of Chinese politics, I’ve been criticized by some for being too hard on China, and derided by others as an apologist for Beijing. The approach I take to domestic politics in China is one I learned from Mike Chinoy when he was the CNN Bureau Chief in Beijing: I try not to opine, preferring to explain and let you form your own opinions. Not only does that force me to be more insightful, it also ensures that I don’t cross some invisible line that gets me tossed out of the country.

On the topic of religion, I’ve strayed across the line into discussions about religion in China. I’ve decided these topics have no place here, in particular because of my own rather strong convictions in one particular direction. Discussion of religious topics, therefore, is confined to another forum, my blog Hebrew Hutong.


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