McKinsey Endorses Our Thinking

“Next-shoring: A CEO’s guide”
Katy George, Sree Ramaswamy, and Lou Rassey

McKinsey Quarterly
January 2014

The end of China’s time as the uncontested factory floor of the planet has become something of a meme. If that has failed to come to the attention of any of the world’s CEOs, McKinsey’s consultants make sure they get caught up.

My take is that McKinsey is late to the party. I made most of these same points two years agoI called it “right-shoring.” In such a circumstance, I would have thought that McKinsey, seeking to retain “thought leadership,” would have offered deeper insights. They don’t, even though they provide endorsement to my original thinking.

Thanks, McKinsey!

For the record, check out:

The Beginning of the End of Outsourcing,” Silicon Hutong, February 7, 2012

China and the Rightshoring Movement,” Silicon Hutong, December 4, 2012



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3 Responses to McKinsey Endorses Our Thinking

  1. Andie Soh says:

    Huh? McKinsey write a report and you claim ‘inspirational credit’ ? Weird.

    • David Wolf says:

      I’m afraid you misread me. I suggest that I identified an emerging phenomenon two years before McKinsey did so, and that it is nice to have such an august organization confirm my thinking through their report. I claim no inspirational credit. I assume they saw the same things that I saw and were inspired in parallel, though rather later.

  2. Andie Soh says:

    “McKinsey and I think the same way in parallel but I was two years ahead.” U-huh.

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