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Hutong West
Last moments before Sundown
1950 hrs.

Rushing to finish up before I am obliged to go offline for my weekly sabbatical, the news from Alibaba about Aliyun, its new mobile operating system, is out. It is too early for a detailed evaluation of the operating system, but three articles you might find interesting include: my post from May 3rd about the rationale behind an Alibaba mobile OS; this pithy PDF analysis from Deutsche Bank laying out the challenges it will face; and my take on the coming mobile OS battle in China.



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2 Responses to Hello, Alicloud

  1. Very interesting.. I also wanna see Baidu’s version.. Hmmmmm
    Aliyun takes alot of design cues from WebOS, … not cool legally, but it sure looks nice

    • David Wolf says:

      You’re right, Michael, the ante is now up for Baidu. Frankly, I don’t think Aliyun set the bar all that high…

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