Primer on China’s Leadership Transition (via Patrick Chovanec)

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I have never reposted other bloggers here on Silicon Hutong, but after reading this piece I decided it was time to start a new tradition. Professor Chovanec offers what is without doubt one of the most concise yet complete overviews ever of a political event in China, and it is worth reading and absorbing:

Primer on China's Leadership Transition Over the past few months, several people have written asking me to offer a short “primer” on China’s upcoming leadership transition, which begins next year.  The handover to a new president and premier has generated plenty of speculation in the press, about who the leaders are and what is will all mean, but sometimes it’s useful to go back and fill in the very basics, since China has a unique and in some ways quite confusing political system. The … Read More

via Patrick Chovanec


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