Hutong Reads 03/22/2011

  • Russell Leigh Moses has the money quote: “The hard-liners have won the field, and now we are seeing exactly how they want to run the place,” said Russell Leigh Moses, a Beijing analyst of China’s leadership. “I think the gloves are coming off.”

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  • Interesting report provided the viewpoint you want is that of Fortune 500 companies doing business in China. Most of my clients are in that category, but I’ve also discovered that viewing the China operating environment through that filter does not offer many forward-looking insights.

    By contrast, the challenges that face SMBs and foreign entrepreneurs in China are massive, arguably more indicative of the regulatory climate as a whole, and are largely ignored by groups like AmCham and the U.S. China Business Council. The next time somebody wants to do some research on business attitudes in China, ask the little guys. You would be amazed how different the picture is.

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  • Provoking article, and I have a soft spot for R3, but I’m not sure what it all means. In the end, what is engagement worth, and does the survey really work in the Chinese cultural context?

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  • Worthy take on the new five year plan. Why do I think Accenture is moving into the corporate communications business? Read the last section.

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