If You Are, You Don’t Need To Say So

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Motorola is a client, so I have tried to hold off commenting too much about the mobile devices market, and in particular what I think about Nokia’s current travails.

But this line about Nokia World in Fast Company tweaked my nose:

These events happened on the eve of the big Nokia World event, which has just kicked off, and no doubt cast a long shadow over the proceedings (despite EVP of Marketing Niklas Savander’s keynote speech noting how many units the firm sells, and his optimistic “Nokia is back!”).

Ignoring the specifics of Nokia’s case (wherein I am biased), let us stick to general principles: anytime a company stands up and tells the world, in so many words, that it is back, it is making a case for the rest of us to believe the opposite. If a company has completed a comeback, saying so would be unneccessary: others will acknowledge as much, and do so with far greater credibility.

So do what Nokia should have done: wait for the smartphone sales, stock price, analysts and other credible voices confirm that they have solved their problems and that they are back on track.


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4 Responses to If You Are, You Don’t Need To Say So

  1. Richard Ford says:

    It’s a bit like giving oneself a nickname. It is never done.

    I am reminded of the Windows Mobile 6 launch….. :-s

    • David Wolf says:

      Indeed. Makes you wonder who (if anyone) is counseling them on this, or if they are listening. I’m betting the cracks in the Nokia facade are only beginning to show.

      My WinMob 6.3 handset died last week. It was a mercy.

  2. darnoc says:

    Surprised that Savander did not say, MeeGo next. Will be surprised again if he’s still roaming the halls of Espoo when the next rasputitsa comes around.

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