China 2.0 Tour: It Doesn’t Get Much Better

Jingshun Road, Inbound

Adjusting to a more social life offline

1745 hrs.

If you haven’t been following the China 2.0 Tour online via Twitter (#china20), you should really check out the site and the linked blogs of all of the participants. They are leaving Beijing tonight and heading for Shanghai to continue their tour.

I have had the opportunity to both run and to take part in many immersion programs seeking to help executives and others learn about China from the ground up. This one was ambitions in both scope and participants: audiences do not get much tougher than a roomful of high-profile bloggers.

But this program went off so well I told The China Business Network’s Christine Lu that they need to make programs like this a regular offering to organizations, individuals, and businesses who really want a crash course in the China you do not see on CNN or read about in the papers.

I’m not accustomed to doing plugs here, but if they ever get around to offering such immersion programs, they would be well worth looking into. The kinds of people you meet, the range of perspectives you get, and most important the insights you take away are phenomenal. I fancy myself something of a China specialist and was participating as such, but I probably learned almost as much as the China “n00bs” on the tour.


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