Worst Places to be a Terrorist

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Foreign Policy magazine (not to be confused with Foreign Affairs, the much-esteemed journal of the Council on Foreign Relations) is a source that is fun to turn to on global topics, taking as it does an approach somewhere between journalism and the deep-thought analysis you find in the weightier Foreign Affairs.
(Interestingly, their editor-in-chief did an op-ed in December suggesting that there would be an all-out street battle between activists and police this summer during the Olympics. I, for one, hope FP winds up with an omelet facial.)
This month they offer a little tidbit: the magazine has rated the worst countries in the world to be a terrorist. The magazine lists five countries whose fight against transnational terrorism involves making “unsavory choices between protecting civil rights and providing security” and who routinely choose the latter over the former.
France, Egypt, Singapore, Russia, and Jordan rank at the top of the list. China doesn’t make the cut. France, apparently, is far more prepared to toss out the time-honored ideals of “liberte, fraternite, et egalite” to stomp on terror than is the PRC.
On the one hand, I find that a comforting confirmation of China’s political progress; on another, a possible indictment of how the nation has reacted after 9/11.

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