Blogging as TV Covers Blogging

NBC Beijing Bureau
Doing some wide shots and insert shots
1044 hrs.

This is probably my favorite kind of live-blogging: writing something in order to look like I’m actually working for the benefit of the cameras at a broadcasting studio.

Really, I’m trying to look natural as they do this. It was pretty cool to be interviewed with Silicon Hutong on the screen behind me.

By the way, the folks at the NBC bureau – Mark Mullen, Adrienne Mong, and their team – are the kind of people who are living testaments to the high priority China now enjoys with editorial desks in New York, London, and around the world. As is usually the case for a major global city, we have always had a cadre of outstanding foreign correspondents in Beijing, but what amazes me is that the quality is staying consistent even as the sheer number of foreign journalists rises. In a day when traditional news organizations are finding it more and more difficult to afford and hold onto really good journalists – much less staff expensive overseas bureaux – the NBC team is a reflection of Beijing’s status as a global capital.

This shift of journalistic resources to this part of the world, in the long term will, I think, prove to be a very good thing for China. Better and smarter journalists will feel less of a need to run sensationalist stories, and will be more comfortable reporting in the way Mike Chinoy used to at CNN. Mike understood his mission to be something quite different than finding stories that would anger or outrage Americans – he saw his goal as explaining China to Americans so that Americans would understand – right or wrong – what the Chinese were thinking and why.


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