HutongLive: Under the Digital Influence

The Grand Ballroom
Renaissance Beijing Hotel
1602 hrs.

Under the Digital Influence

Just got of the dais from my panel at the AmCham-China “Under the Digital Influence 2007.” The discussions so far have been superb.

What do I mean by that? I mean that this is one of those rare occasions where I have – without exception – learned something useful and valuable from every one of my fellow panelists.

Matt Roberts – Matt moderated, but his preparation, his selection of questions, and the fact that he sneaked his questions to us beforehand made our discussion livelier and better.

Micah Truman – eCommerce is coming back, and it’s coming back HUGE.

Andrew Lih – The tools the Chinese government uses to block certain websites are getting stronger, more robust, and more precise. In one sense, that’s disturbing, but in another sense – the precision sense – it is actually a good thing.

Jeremy Goldkorn – Moderated. Ask risky questions, even weird ones. You’ll be happier with the answers. Jeremy likes asking the tough questions – of all people, including his friends, and it brings out the best in a group of smart people.

Dan Harris – Comments that add value are fine, but your dedication to free speech cannot overwhelm the value of editing stupid, ad homenim, or irrelevant attacks from your site.

Chris Devonshire-Ellis – If you’re going to blog for your business, seek aggressively to measure the effect, so you at least know what the ROI is – or is not – from your blogging. It may not make any difference to whether you do it or not, but you SHOULD know, and it should be a part of an integrated marketing plan.

Will Moss – Will finds what I do: the opportunity to build chemistry with potential clients outweighs the danger of chasing potential business away. Also – companies don’t blog, people do.


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