Dell Picks Ubuntu

Purely beyond my evangelism around Ubuntu Linux as my second-favorite Windows Alternative (Mac OS X being first), there is something kind of cool about a huge Texas computer manufacturer selling computers with an operating system underwritten by Africa’s first astronaut…

First, let me lay aside for a moment by DellSmacker and say “great job, guys” for taking a seemingly small but significant step toward offering users a wider choice of operating systems by offering new Dell computers preloaded with Ubuntu. In all of the years Dell has sold computers, you could change anything about the things, including the type of processor, but you could never change the fact that your computer would ship with Windows.

Now comes the question: can they actually market this, or will it just go onto the options page and die?

We will get to that after we have had a chance to see. In the meantime, credit where credit is due. Kudos, Dell.

Update: Actually, Dell DID offer Red Hat before, in 2000-2001. They stopped selling it after a year. It just went away. Industry watchers suggest it was pressure from Microsoft that caused them to stop.

Which, again, all points heavily to the question: how much is Dell going to put into supporting this. And how much is Canonical?


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