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Asia Logistics Wrap News and Commentary from Tokyo on Logistics in Asia

Does the very word “logistics” threaten to put you to sleep?

It used to bore the hell out of me.

It doesn’t anymore.

Everyone has heard Napoleon’s quote to the effect that “an army moves on its stomach.” The short old frog would have appreciated the more modern adage that “amateurs talk about tactics, rank amateurs about grand strategy, but professionals talk about logistics.”

Mercifully, Shawn Beilfuss’ blog doesn’t obsess on the minutae of moving stuff from one part of the world to another. Instead, he takes a broad look at logistics, putting it into the context of “everything else.”

Reading Asia Logistics Wrap (ALR) is an eye opener. We all like to toss around big words like “infrastructure” in our conversations as shorthand for the dirty stuff that makes Asia (and the world) actually work, but ALR is a reminder that very serious issues – logistics issues – silently threaten to derail some carfully laid plans in China specifically and Asia generally.

Like any good strategist with a focus, he reaches well beyond his specialty to put it into a broader context. Just reading his posts about “space logistics” was worth it for me. His posts about the growing importance of China’s railways – in a day and age when other developing nations are shunning the iron rail for airports, superhighways, and container ports – are a reminder that transportation – for cargo and for people – in China is going to be very different than it is in Japan, Europe, or North America.

Read Shawn, and read what he’s reading.


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