Extremism in America

Thomas P.M.Barnett, Ph.D., “When did the Daily Kos turn from bully pulpit to just plain bully,”Thomas P.M. Barnettt Weblog, February 21, 2007, 18:13 local

Juliet Eilperin and Michael Grunwald, “The Woman in the Middle: Moderate Democrat Is New Target of Liberal Bloggers, ” The Washington Post, 21 February 2007, p.A1

One of the leading grand strategists of the day – and a lifelong Democrat – is as disgusted as I am by the kind of character assassination in US politics used by the extremists of both parties.

Read Barnett’s post and the WaPo article that got it going.

While this particularly skewers the far left, the far right are no less blameless. What is worse, the lunatic fringe vocal extremes of both parties look determined to hijack their respective primaries in 2008. Why else would McCain, an avoded centrist, be pandering to the Republican Party’s evangelical/neocon/big-business right, and Barack Obama be doing same with the Democratic atheist/hyperliberal/anti-business left?

What we need more of is loud voices from the strong center, people who spoke not just for the deepest of blue and the most crimson of red, but the vast, purplish middle, and people to represent us. I’d love to see a race between two opposing viewpoints of how to improve life for the average Janes and Joes, not just the loudmouthed special interests on both sides.

The only thing we have to fear in 2007 is the specter of extremism that haunts both parties, and that threatens to throw us into an election fought by two extremists.

ATTENTION ALL MODERATES: Get out there and register to vote! The strong middle is all that stands between America and more infantile politics that will get nothing done.

And remember – it’s not just about nominating someone “electable.” It’s about nominating someone who will have the chops to actually develop and drive an agenda with the support of a majority of our elected solons on Capitol Hill.


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