Get a Flack, Na-na-na-na Na-na-na-na-na, Get a Flack

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The relationship between journalists and PR people is, at best, tenuous. Journalists barely tolerate PR people in the best of times (usually when we’ve figured out how to put ourselves in their shoes), and in the worst of times, they cordially ignore us. They would, of course, much prefer to walk right through us and talk to our clients.

So you know you need a PR person really, really bad when a journalist tells you to go get one.

Especially a journalist like Bruce Einhorn at BusinessWeek.

Bruce is telling Terry Gou of Hon Hai exactly what I’ve said – Gou should fire his lawyers, and hire a very damned good PR agency and – this is critical here – leave his ego in the office safe and take the advice of said PR agency.

A brief piece of advice to any PR agency taking that call: charge and get paid in advance. Take my word for it.


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