And We Think Media are Bad in China…

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1639 hrs.

The coverage on the Katie Couric debut as anchor on the CBS Evening News should embarrass every medium (apart from CBS) that covered it like a big story over the last three months.

Credit CBS for creating a reality-distortion field around Ms. Couric that gave her debut as a prime time news anchor the importance of a major global event.

Too bad Miss Katie’s actual debut is turning into an anti-climax.

Here is the awful truth: slotting an overage cheerleader onto the evening news anchor slot at a declining network in a declining medium amounts to way too little, way too late. CBS News continues to exist on a life support system made up of its past (not insubstantial) glories. It can become the Tiffany Network again, but by giving its correspondents a bigger role, not by blowing its limited lucre on a talking head regardless of sex.

It’s the news. She’s a girl. Get over it.


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