Egg Flu Dung

In the Hutong
Contemplating Kosher Veganism
2125 hrs.

Richard at The Peking Duck says almost everything that needs to be said about China and the Bird flu, except possibly this Reuters piece that suggests that there is a danger in eggs!

Apart from the fact that this has the potential of taking all of the fun out of an omelet or a breakfast buffet, it turns out that the greatest danger to egg eaters is not what’s inside the egg, but the feces and excreta on the shell.

Sure, we can wash our eggs. But why do people outside the poultry processing industry have to come into contact with chicken poop?

If nothing else, this situation is a guttural scream for restructuring of the food processing and retailing sector. I don’t mind my books or my clothes being “disintermediated,” but I’d just as soon put somebody who is going to take care to make sure that the food products don’t bring death and disease in a concentrated form into 400 million homes around the country between my breakfast table and the farmer.


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