Nok Nok…Anybody Home? More Empty Offices in the Glass House in Espoo

In the Hutong, Looking Toward the West
The executive suite in the Glass House is starting to look like the Bush Cabinet: the first team leaves, the second team is left to carry the can. Here’s the Reuters story filed late Friday.

Nokia is a walking corpse. You heard it on the Silicon Hutong over a year ago. Now that chunks are starting to fall off the cadaver, will people start believing? Mobile networks Chief Sari Baldauf and senior staffer Jukka Bergqvist, also of the networking unit, join Matti Alahuhta, the company’s head of strategy.

Nokia is spinning this as natural progression. But wait…Matti and Sari were supposedly leading the pack for CEO Jormo Ollila’s job when he steps down in 2006. Leave on the verge of possibly getting The Big Chair? Stretches credulity a bit.


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